«Aquella noche de verano», Pedro Galván Ardila, Postdata Ediciones.

When they let me be myself, things like this happen. I run amok, passion envelops me and I immerse myself in a beautiful and magnetic chaos. I love looking at the blank canvas without knowing what is going to happen. This is what happened with That summer night, the debut of author Pedro Galván Ardila, @poempedro. When he conveyed his idea to me, what the…

The Writer’s Agenda 2021

2021 had already come into my life when I least expected it. At the end of August 2020, Postdata Editiciones once again placed its trust in me to carry out the great project of designing, layout and illustrating the Writer’s first specialized agenda for next year. It is a project with so much soul, so much truth, so much originality, that breathes air and life through each page. I made the…